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Alyssa Liang

Author photo | Alyssa Liang

Alyssa Liang started writing children’s books while managing an early-childhood educational organization. She first created TigerCub English, an English literacy program for children ages 3-7. The 160 illustrated storybooks and 40 sing-along songs in the series revolve around two main characters: Ben, a little boy and Timmy, a tiger cub. Children adore these two characters for their friendship and silly sense of humor. 


Encouraged by children’s love for Ben and Timmy, Alyssa wrote a collection of 18 titles of illustrated children’s joke books based on these two characters. 


To help children read, Alyssa created a series of 82 illustrated fun little books, titled Reading Fun.


Alyssa’s latest creations are the Animal Kingdom series and Tiger Math. The storybooks of Animal Kinddom feature various amazing wild animals.  The stories are told in the first person by baby animals who take readers into their fascinating worlds and show them their incredible journey of growing-up. 

Tiger Math helps children learn numbers, shapes, sizes, pattens, measurement, telling time and problem solving... through stories and activity worksheets. 


Alyssa now writes full-time while living and traveling between North America and Asia.  Exercise, travel and writing children’s books are her true passions in life.

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