Alyssa Liang

Alyssa Liang started writing children’s books while managing an early-childhood educational organization. She first created TigerCub English, an English literacy program for children ages 3-7. The 160 illustrated storybooks and 40 sing-along songs in the series revolve around two main characters: Ben, a little boy and Timmy, a tiger cub. Children adore these two characters for their friendship and silly sense of humor. 


Encouraged by children’s love for Ben and Timmy, Alyssa wrote a collection of 18 titles of illustrated children’s joke books based on these two characters. 


To help children read, Alyssa created a series of 82 illustrated fun little books, titled Reading Fun.


Alyssa’s latest creation is the Animal Kingdom series. These stories feature various wild animals in 4 book sets.  The stories are told in first person by baby animals who take readers into their fascinating worlds and show them their incredible journey of growing-up. 


Alyssa now writes full-time while living and traveling between North America and Asia.  Exercise, travel and writing children’s books are her true passions in life.

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