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Let's Sing

Ages 3-7

Let’s Sing! are 40 sing-along songs covering many topics that children love. Click the cover pictures below to listen to the songs on videos.

A Happy Song
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Goodnight to You
It's Time to Play
Here Comes Santa Ho Ho Ho
My School is Fun
The World of Colors
Happy Birthday
My Little Pets
It's Fun to Share
Doctor! Doctor!
Halloween Night
My Sweet Home
I'm a Brave Firefighter
Waiting for Santa Claus
Let's Go Shopping
Yummy Foods
To Market To Market
I Want to be Your Friend
A Morning Song on the Farm
Catch the School Bus
Party Time at the Zoo
Under the Sea
I'm a Little Airplane
Healthy Living
My Garden in the Sky
Fun Easter Games
Let's Play Sports
Jobs People Do
My Big Family
Thank You
Mother Earth
Happy New Year Everyone!
Spring is Here
A Spotless Ladybug
A Bird Song
It's Cool to be Kind
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